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People Escape Injury when Tough Mudder Endurance Competition Shuttle Bus Erupts in Flames

People Escape Injury when Tough Mudder Endurance Competition Shuttle Bus Erupts in Flames

July 9, 2012 – According to reports passengers on a shuttle bus for the Tough Mudder Endurance Competition, escaped injury, when the bus caught fire.

According to authorities the shuttle bus was carrying participants from the Tough Mudder Endurance Competition, Saturday afternoon, when the bus burst into flames. The passengers were able to avoid injury due to the bus driver’s quick actions, authorities said.

The driver of the shuttle bus said she heard a loud noise and pulled the bus over, which is when she spotted flames. The shuttle bus was on Highway 330 in Snow Valley, in San Bernardino, when the incident occurred. The driver evacuated 55 passengers from the bus, without injury, according to authorities.

The Large Geography a Bus Accident Can Cover

The Large Geography a Bus Accident Can Cover

Buses are normally thought of as long distance or local transport/livery vehicles, like the ones that pick you up on a designated route, such as a bench, or bus stop. But bus accidents do not always involve these particular types of commercial vehicles. There are also other types of buses, and the average for them to be involved in accidents is often higher than the local or long distance commercial passenger vehicles discussed above.
The other types of buses include:

  • School Buses
  • Shuttle Buses
  • Hotel Vans
  • Casino Shuttle Services
  • Party Buses
  • Tour Buses
  • Airport Shuttles

These are passenger buses that must adhere to the same Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations as other commercial vehicles and a high standard of safety. Drivers are to be properly trained and the bus is to be properly maintained. When these things do not happen, then it might only be a matter of time until the bus is involved in a bus accident. This can involve any of the different types of buses, even the ones that children ride on daily to travel to school and home.

Examples of Recent Bus Accidents

One of the most recent bus incidents resulted in the death of a child. The child was an 11 year old girl on a bus with others traveling to her cousin’s quinecanera celebration. The girl was sitting on the back of her seat, when authorities believe she leaned against the emergency window while the bus was turning. The girl was killed in the incident, and it was found by authorities the driver was not properly trained or licensed. The bus was believed to not have the proper inspections or permits either.

This is not an isolated incident; bus accidents happen quite often and usually result in tragedy for passengers and their family members. All motor vehicle accidents can have devastating outcomes, but when it is a commercial passenger vehicle, there are many more people who may be injured or killed in an accident. These crashes happen for various reasons, including driver error, an improperly trained driver, or lack of proper bus maintenance.

When this kind of crash occurs, there is an investigation into the cause to determine how it happened, and this will usually determine how it could have been avoided. Some of these crashes do happen due to circumstances beyond the bus operator’s control, but the greatest number are due to driver negligence, error, or inexperience. This is why there are regulations regarding the training of drivers and special licensing. These are large vehicles, which have a lot of glass and usually have no seatbelts, leaving passengers at risk if there is an incident. Safety issues have long been debated, and while most buses do not have seatbelts, there are opinions on both sides. In the event of an accident, the lack of seat belts leaves passengers unprotected from large windows, metal, plastic and other materials on the inside of the bus, as well as colliding with other passengers. A 2009 study showed there were 221 fatal bus accidents annually and, when compared to 18,315 car collisions, show that this type of transportation is relatively safer than personal vehicles.

The one statistic that stands out is that 15 out of 19 bus accidents were due to driver negligence. This negligence included failing to drive safely for weather conditions, driver fatigue, abrupt lane changes, and veering off of the road. This data was included in a government study showing how these accidents occur, and that motor coaches represent 0.7 percent of all large vehicle crashes. It was found that 18 out of 19 drivers had violations in their driving record, and these violations included:

  • Improper lane changes
  • Improper turning or passing
  • Failure to obey traffic signs or signals
  • Speeding
  • Prior suspended driver’s license

When deciding to travel by bus, passengers believe they are safe, whether traveling to work, across the country, or on a tour bus. The studies show that passengers are actually only as safe as the bus operator’s driving record and the company’s maintenance record. When the bus company is not responsible in their hiring of drivers or maintenance, they can be held responsible. They are accountable when the standard of care is not upheld, and they are accountable when Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations are not followed. These are just some of the many issues showing the many different types of bus accidents. Learn more.

Tour Bus Accidents Tips

Tour Bus Accidents Tips

Schools, church groups, tourists and casino visitors depend on the tour bus to transport them safely to their destination. What they might not realize is that these buses can be involved in an accident. When you or a family member is involved in a bus accident due to a negligent bus driver, tour bus company or another negligent party that contributed to the bus accident, bus accident attorneys are there to protect your legal rights. Bus injury attorneys have the commercial vehicle and litigation experience necessary for this type of legal representation for the injured victim or family. Those attorneys realize that tour bus accident victims have physical, financial and emotional challenges they face. Bus crash lawyers are committed to assisting in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for the victim from the negligent parties.

Tour Bus Crash Causes

Tour bus crashes can occur for a variety of reasons, including driver inexperience or mechanical failure. Rollover tour bus accidents are not uncommon when the bus goes out of control or when it is involved in a collision due to the size and weight, which can be at least 10,000 pounds. Passenger’s lives are put at risk during a tour bus accident, since there are a lack of safety belts and other safety devices. The passenger of a tour bus is at a high risk of being seriously injured or killed in a tour bus accident.

Tour Bus Company or Driver Negligence

Avoiding a tour bus accident will mean that the driver will need to be alert to their surroundings, monitor the actions of other drivers and to sudden changes in the handling of the bus for faulty brakes or tires. Tour bus drivers should not exceed the speed limit and reduce their speed when needed according to the weather conditions that can decrease visibility or create slick roadways. Tour bus drivers that operate the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs put their passenger’s lives at risk and other drivers at risk for being injured or killed, as this decreases the driver’s ability to safely operate the bus.

It is not unusual for tour bus drivers to be on a tight time schedule to get their passengers to their destination on time and in some cases this could cause the driver to speed to make up lost time that could occur from heavy traffic or departing late. The tour bus driver might be fatigued, since companies that employ them might not enforce drive time limits as rigorously as they should. The company or tour bus owner can often be held liable for an accident that occurs due to improper tour bus maintenance or safety violations.

Hold Liable Parties Accountable with an Experienced Local Tour Bus Accident Attorney

These local attorneys should have a proven track record and are dedicated to holding negligent parties accountable after a tour bus accident. bus crash lawyers should have the experience in litigation involving tour bus injury victims and the family of the wrongful death victim to recover compensation from the negligent party. To discuss your claim or for more information the local directory of bus accident attorneys is on our site for you.

FedEx Facing Another Lawsuit in Humboldt Bus Crash

FedEx Facing Another Lawsuit in Humboldt Bus Crash


This is such a tragic story and with so many plaintiffs, it is hard to see how any family can be made financially whole. But none the less, the survivors are doing what they can to turn over the damages aspect of this matter to attorneys. The family of one of the students killed in the horrific charter bus and FedEx crash in Orland, California has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the package delivery company.

Who Filed the Bus Accident Lawsuit?

The lawsuit was filed by the parents of Ismael Jimenez 18, who witnesses said was at the front of the bus helping passengers escape the burning charter bus when he died.
Jimenez was an aspiring artist, who was one of the 10 people killed of the students heading to Humboldt State University for a weekend tour on April 10th. The FedEx truck in the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 crossed the highway into oncoming traffic slamming head-on into the bus carrying the students.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in the Los Angeles County Court and the family of the 18 year-old has placed blame on FedEx, the driver, the manufacturer and Volvo. The driver of the truck was killed in the head-on collision. The family has also named the charter bus company, Silverado Stages in the suit filed with the court. According to the family’s attorney Paul Kiesel, the family is seeking unspecified damages and said he would be holding a news conference.

This is the most recent lawsuit in the deadly crash and more are expected to be filed against both FedEx and the Silver Stages charter bus company. Earlier in the month the mother of one of the other students who died in the collision filed a lawsuit seeking $100 million dollars. The package delivery giant FedEx said that it does not comment on litigation.

What we do know, is that many skilled bus accident attorneys come up with interesting legal theories to win in cases like this, such as agency, course and scope of employment, joint venture and even government claims (source.) We also know that bus accidents involve many victims and bad injuries in many cases. This means that compensation is gotten by using these above strategies to get more defendants with “deep pockets.)

Prior to the head-on collision the driver of the FedEx truck signaled to change lanes into the left lane and began the merge, according to the Jimenez family’s lawsuit. The documents claim the driver did not straighten the freight hauling truck out and continued east across the median of 58 feet and into oncoming traffic where it collided with the charter bus carrying the students.


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