Bus Driver Falls Asleep and Crashes MTA Bus Into Numerous Objects

Bus Driver Falls Asleep and Crashes MTA Bus Into Numerous Objects

February 20, 2012 – According to reports the driver of an MTA bus fell asleep and crashed the bus into various objects. According to the California Highway Patrol, the driver of an MTA bus crashed into numerous objects, after falling asleep. The accident was reported at approximately 1:30 a.m. Monday, occurring on Main Street, in the vicinity of 135th Street in unincorporated Willowbrook.

Attorney Michael Ehline, a bus crash lawyer, says that this is an “all too common event,” and is irresponsible on the part of bus companies and drivers to allow tiredness to put profits or a paycheck over people. California Highway Patrol officials said that the bus struck two stop signs, several trees, and a light pole. CHP officials said there were no passengers on the bus at the time of the crash after the bus driver fell asleep.

The bus driver identified as a 40-year-old, who suffered cuts to her hands and was transported to Memorial Hospital of Gardena for medical treatment, the California Highway Patrol said. CHP officials said that Edison crews temporarily shut down the electrical lines, while they cleaned up the electrical wires connected to the light pole the MTA bus struck and L.A. County crews were dispatched to clean up the trees the bus hit.

Inattentive driving and sleeplessness is a major factor in bus driver negligence. This is also something a passenger needs to be aware of before boarding. If you feel uncomfortable with the operator, don’t board. Call the bus company and describe your observations. You may just save a life.

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