Greyhound Bus Crashes in Arizona Injuring 23

Greyhound Bus Crashes in Arizona Injuring 23

Palo Verde Valley Bus reports Early Thursday morning a greyhound bus crashed near Tonopah, west of Phoenix, Arizona, injuring at least 23 people. The bus was traveling eastbound on Interstate 10 at approximately 1:45 a.m. in the vicinity of Tonopah when the incident occurred, according to authorities.

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The accident happened when the bus crossed into the median where it eventually came to a rest after the crash. According to authorities believe prior to the crash one of the passengers yelled “I’m gonna flip this bus” as the passenger was punching the bus driver in the head. This incident led to the bus crash, authorities said.

Greyhound said the bus was carrying 41 passengers at the time and twenty-three passengers were transported to area hospitals. They said that the other 18 passengers did not report any injuries and were not transported. The bus company said that two buses are transporting the unharmed passengers in the crash to their destination.


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