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India Bus Crash Off Bridge Kills 37 and Injures 15

India Bus Crash Off Bridge Kills 37 and Injures 15

Broken bus
Old dirty yellow bus with broken windows

With all the recent catastrophes in the news, it is not surprising that this story reared its head a few weeks back. Thirty-seven people were killed.  15 others suffered injuries. Also, this occurred when a private bus traveling from the beach city of Goa to Mumbai fell off of a bridge. This took place in the Khed in Ratnagiri district. In any event, this was at approximately 2:30 a.m.

Last, sources say that the driver suddenly lost control on the Bharna Bridge over the Jagbudi River. In fact, this caused the bus to plunge into the river. This is confirmed by BL Shinde, an official from the highway department.

If this happened in California, you better believe lawsuits would get filed. I am not so sure about Indian law on this one, however. In any event, according to police official Mahendra Singh Pardeshi, the bus could carry 55 people, but he unsure how many passengers were onboard at the time the bus went into the river. Emergency responders used gas cutters to extract the survivors and the dead from the bus that was lying upside down on the bank of the Jagbudi River.

Ten of the injured remain critical. One of them was the driver, according to emergency personnel. Reportedly many of the wounded suffered head injuries.

Were Foreigners Among the Carnage?

According to authorities, there were some foreigners onboard the bus. For example, one Russian national was rescued. Police are investigating if the driver of the bus was drunk. Also, they were conducting tests. The injured victims from the bus were transported to Khed Civil Hospital.

Can the victims and survivors get money? Isn’t India governed under English Common Law? Anyone know?

Man Dragged Over 200 Feet in Party Bus Hit and Run

Man Dragged Over 200 Feet in Party Bus Hit and Run

It was a rough weekend for people in Norwalk. Early Saturday morning a 26-year-old man was struck by a black party bus. The incident happened in Norwalk. And the bus fled the scene after dragging the man more than 200 feet.

The Norwalk man was walking home on Fairford Avenue at approximately 2:30 a.m. So he was run over all of a sudden. Last, he sustained major injuries. He is in an area hospital in intensive care. The 26-year-old man was identified as Efren Virgen.

“Limo buses are starting to rise to the top of the sensational news list, due to their larger capacity than standard stretched limos, and ability to have more party equipment and booze,” says bus accident lawyer, Michael Ehline.

According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies, a witness stated the bus left the scene of the accident turning westbound onto Foster Road.

The witness said he could hear the music playing inside of the bus and the neon lights were flashing. Detective Carl Anna said the area the man was struck is not known for collisions. But it remains unclear if the man was in a designated crosswalk during the incident. The detective said evidence at the scene shows the bus driver was aware of the pedestrian. So he swerved to avoid striking him.

Who To Call With Information.

Samuel Virgen, the victim’s brother said Efran Virgen worked for the Long Beach City trash collection. Also, he had two daughters ages 7 and 5. Samuel said his nieces know their father is hurt and in the hospital.  But they still have questions. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is asking that anyone with information about the hit and run accident contact them.

“The bottom line here is that people walking on foot near areas where there are motorized vehicles, need to pay extra care when traversing the area”

Says Los Angeles bus accident attorney (read more), Michael Ehline. He believes that no matter what the regulations are and how many precautions these transportation companies take, people on foot must take special care when near vehicles and traffic. I can’t say we disagree. Be safe out there folks. Big buses and human bodies don’t mix.

Tour Bus Accidents Tips

Tour Bus Accidents Tips

Broken bus
Old dirty yellow bus with broken windows

Schools, church groups, tourists and casino visitors depend on the tour bus to transport them safely to their destination. What they might not realize is that these buses can be involved in a bus accident.

But when you or a family member is in a bus accident due to a negligent bus driver, tour bus company or another negligent party that contributed, you need a legal pro. In any event, bus accident attorneys help protect your legal rights. But they need the commercial vehicle and litigation experience necessary for this type of legal representation for the injured victim or family.

Those attorneys realize that tour bus accident victims face physical, financial and emotional challenges. Also, the better advocates remain committed to assisting in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for the victim. In fact, they work to get you money from the negligent parties.

What are the Main Tour Bus Crash Causes?

Tour bus crashes can occur for a variety of reasons. Most of all, driver inexperience or mechanical failure seems a root cause. Also, rollover tour bus accidents are not uncommon. So this happens when the bus goes out of control or when it is involved in a collision. So it can flip due to the immense size and weight. After all, it can be at least 10,000 pounds.

As a matter of fact, passenger’s lives are put at risk during a tour bus accident itself. This is because, there are a lack of safety belts and other safety devices. So the passenger of a tour bus is at a high risk of being seriously injured or killed in a crash.

What is Tour Bus Company or Driver Negligence?

Avoiding a tour bus accident means that the driver will need to be alert to their surroundings. Most of all, they must monitor the actions of other drivers. And they need to adjust to sudden changes in the handling of the bus with faulty brakes or tires. Tour bus drivers should not exceed the speed limit. Also, they must reduce their speed when needed according to the weather conditions that can decrease visibility or create slick roadways.

Tour bus drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs put their passenger’s lives at risk. It goes without saying that other drivers are also at risk for being injured or killed. After all, this decreases the driver’s ability to safely operate the bus.

It is not unusual for tour bus drivers to be on a tight time schedule. That way they can get their passengers safely to their destination on time. Also, in some cases this could cause the driver to speed to make up lost time in heavy traffic or departing late.

The driver might be fatigued, since companies that employ them might not enforce drive time limits as rigorously as they should. The company or tour bus owner can often be held liable for an accident that occurs from improper maintenance or safety violations.

How Do I Hold Liable Parties Accountable with an Experienced Local Tour Bus Accident Attorney?

Local attorneys are best. And they should have a proven track record. Most of all, they must remain dedicated to holding negligent parties accountable. Last, they should have the experience in litigation involving tour bus injury victims and the family of the wrongful death victim. Their goal is to recover compensation from the negligent party. To discuss your claim or for more information, we have a local directory of bus accident attorneys.

FedEx Facing Another Lawsuit in Humboldt Bus Crash

FedEx Facing Another Lawsuit in Humboldt Bus Crash

bus-side-viewThis is such a tragic story, and with so many plaintiffs, it is hard to see how any family can be made financially whole. But none the less, the survivors are doing what they can to turn over the damages aspect of this matter to attorneys. The family of one of the students killed in the horrific charter bus and FedEx crash in Orland, California has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the package delivery company.

Who Filed the Bus Accident Lawsuit?

The parents of Ismael Jimenez 18 are suing. Many witnesses said Ismael was at the front of the bus helping passengers escape when he burned to death.

Jimenez was an aspiring artist. So he was one of the ten students killed as they headed to Humboldt State University for a weekend tour on April 10th. The FedEx truck in the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 crossed the highway into oncoming traffic. Next, they slammed head-on into the bus carrying the students.

On Tuesday, a lawsuit became filed in the Los Angeles County Court. And the family of the 18-year-old has placed blame on FedEx, the driver, the manufacturer, and Volvo. The driver of the truck died in the head-on collision. The family has also named the charter bus company, Silverado Stages in the suit filed with the court. According to the family’s attorney Paul Kiesel, the family is seeking unspecified damages. Also, he said he would be holding a news conference.

So this is the most recent lawsuit in the deadly crash. More claims will come against FedEx and the Silver Stages charter bus company. Earlier in the month, the mother of one of the other dead students filed a lawsuit seeking 100 million dollars. The package delivery giant FedEx said that it does not comment on litigation.

What are Some Legal Theories Bus Accident Attorneys Can Use to Get Money for the Family?

What we do know, is that many skilled attorneys come up with interesting legal theories to win in cases like this. Arguments used could be “agency, course, and scope of employment, joint venture and even government claims.” (source.) We also know that bus wrecks can include many victims and cause many bad injuries. So this means that compensation comes by using these above strategies. In this manner, one gets more defendants with “deep pockets.)

Before the head-on collision, the driver of the FedEx truck signaled to change lanes into the left lane and began the merge, according to the Jimenez family’s lawsuit. The documents claim the driver did not straighten the freight hauling truck out. Instead, the vehicle continued east across the median of 58 feet and into oncoming traffic. Afterwards, it collided with the charter bus carrying the students.


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