India Bus Crash Off Bridge Kills 37 and Injures 15

India Bus Crash Off Bridge Kills 37 and Injures 15

Broken bus
Old dirty yellow bus with broken windows

With all the recent catastrophes in the news, it is not surprising that this story reared its head a few weeks back. Thirty-seven people were killed.  15 others suffered injuries. Also, this occurred when a private bus traveling from the beach city of Goa to Mumbai fell off of a bridge. This took place in the Khed in Ratnagiri district. In any event, this was at approximately 2:30 a.m.

Last, sources say that the driver suddenly lost control on the Bharna Bridge over the Jagbudi River. In fact, this caused the bus to plunge into the river. This is confirmed by BL Shinde, an official from the highway department.

If this happened in California, you better believe lawsuits would get filed. I am not so sure about Indian law on this one, however. In any event, according to police official Mahendra Singh Pardeshi, the bus could carry 55 people, but he unsure how many passengers were onboard at the time the bus went into the river. Emergency responders used gas cutters to extract the survivors and the dead from the bus that was lying upside down on the bank of the Jagbudi River.

Ten of the injured remain critical. One of them was the driver, according to emergency personnel. Reportedly many of the wounded suffered head injuries.

Were Foreigners Among the Carnage?

According to authorities, there were some foreigners onboard the bus. For example, one Russian national was rescued. Police are investigating if the driver of the bus was drunk. Also, they were conducting tests. The injured victims from the bus were transported to Khed Civil Hospital.

Can the victims and survivors get money? Isn’t India governed under English Common Law? Anyone know?

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