Man Dragged Over 200 Feet in Party Bus Hit and Run

Man Dragged Over 200 Feet in Party Bus Hit and Run

It was a rough weekend for people in Norwalk. Early Saturday morning a 26-year-old man was struck by a black party bus. The incident happened in Norwalk. And the bus fled the scene after dragging the man more than 200 feet.

The Norwalk man was walking home on Fairford Avenue at approximately 2:30 a.m. So he was run over all of a sudden. Last, he sustained major injuries. He is in an area hospital in intensive care. The 26-year-old man was identified as Efren Virgen.

“Limo buses are starting to rise to the top of the sensational news list, due to their larger capacity than standard stretched limos, and ability to have more party equipment and booze,” says bus accident lawyer, Michael Ehline.

According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies, a witness stated the bus left the scene of the accident turning westbound onto Foster Road.

The witness said he could hear the music playing inside of the bus and the neon lights were flashing. Detective Carl Anna said the area the man was struck is not known for collisions. But it remains unclear if the man was in a designated crosswalk during the incident. The detective said evidence at the scene shows the bus driver was aware of the pedestrian. So he swerved to avoid striking him.

Who To Call With Information.

Samuel Virgen, the victim’s brother said Efran Virgen worked for the Long Beach City trash collection. Also, he had two daughters ages 7 and 5. Samuel said his nieces know their father is hurt and in the hospital.  But they still have questions. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is asking that anyone with information about the hit and run accident contact them.

“The bottom line here is that people walking on foot near areas where there are motorized vehicles, need to pay extra care when traversing the area”

Says Los Angeles bus accident attorney (read more), Michael Ehline. He believes that no matter what the regulations are and how many precautions these transportation companies take, people on foot must take special care when near vehicles and traffic. I can’t say we disagree. Be safe out there folks. Big buses and human bodies don’t mix.

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