More than 20 People Die after Bus Crashes and Catches Fire in Nigeria

More than 20 People Die after Bus Crashes and Catches Fire in Nigeria

A fatal accident occurred in Southwest Nigeria, where human bodies burnt completely. Let’s explore the details of the deadly accident news with Palo Verde Valley Bus, a place for bus and transportation information resources in California.

Bus Crashed into Another Vehicle and Caught Fire in Southwest Nigeria

On September 9, 2022, a collision occurred at Lanlate in Oyo state, involving a bus and another vehicle. The bus collided with another vehicle and caught fire, embracing the bus and the passengers inside.

More than 20 People Die after Bus Crashes and Catches Fire in Nigeria, Head of Ibarapa District Says

The bus collided with another vehicle conveying passengers, which caught fire in Southwest Nigeria, killing over 20 people.

Without giving many details about the fatal accident in the vast west African nation, a senior police officer reported that the vehicles conveying passengers caught fire and confirmed that over 20 people were killed in Nigeria bus collision on Friday.

According to the senior police officer, the fire scorched the two vehicles beyond repair while the human bodies burnt completely.

Officer Blames Speeding and Driving Recklessly

Nigeria police and an official stated that overspeeding and violation of traffic rules combined with Nigeria’s poorly maintained roads is a deadly concoction that can result in fatal accidents.

Not the First Nigeria Bus Collision of Its Kind

The recent accident at Lanlate in Oyo state is not the first of its kind. In July 2022, three vehicles collided with each other in Northwest Nigeria’s Kaduna state due to reckless driving resulting in 30 people burning to death.

Traffic Accidents in Vast West African Nation

In 2021, Nigeria reported 10,637 traffic accidents, resulting in 30,000 injuries and 5,101 deaths. Most of the accidents in the country occur due to speeding, bad roads, and traffic rules violations. Bad roads can result in tire bursts or vehicles losing control, leading to accidents.

Like Nigeria’s poorly maintained roads, California has some of the worst roads. Although poorly designed and maintained roads are one of the causes of accidents in the state, speeding and reckless driving are the leading causes.

According to Statista, there were 4,161 motor vehicle deaths in the state in 2021, a rise from 3,723 deaths in 2020. Fortunately, some laws protect accident victims from the financial consequences of a collision due to another’s negligence.

If you suffered injuries in an accident that was not your fault, reach out to experienced personal injury attorneys, as you may qualify for compensation.

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