Pakistan Bus Crashes into Ravine, Killing 40 – This Could Happen to Anyone!

Pakistan Bus Crashes into Ravine, Killing 40 – This Could Happen to Anyone!

On January 29, 2023, a devastating bus accident in Pakistan made global news. Let’s explore the details of the incident with help from Ehline Law and their bus accident personal injury attorneys.

Bus Carrying Passengers from Quetta in Balochistan Province to Karachi in Neighboring Sindh Crashes

A passenger bus /passenger van fell as it was traveling from Quetta in Balochistan province to Karachi in neighboring Sindh province. The burnt wreckage revealed several occupants left dead at the Southern Pakistani province crash site.

Bus Crash near Bela at Lasbela District Before Falling off the Bridge

According to Associated Press, the passenger bus crashed into the bridge’s pillar near Bela in Lasbela district in Southern Pakistan before falling off the bridge. 

Upon crashing, the bus caught fire and fell to the ground, leading to the death of 40 innocent passengers.

Ambulance Workers and Volunteers Help to Recover Injured Victims

The accident near Bela in Lasbela district in Balochistan, neighboring Sindh province, is one of the deadliest bus accidents in recent years. Local firefighters and rescue workers immediately started a rescue operation to get the victims out. Still, only four survived, who also sustained severe burn injuries once the bus crashed and caught fire in a deep ravine near the Town of Bela.

Burnt Bodies Sent to Karachi for DNA Sampling

Unfortunately, the tragedy does not stop there. The ambulance immediately transported the four injured passengers to a nearby hospital with the best medical facilities, but one succumbed to his injuries and died. 

According to the government, the bodies were beyond recognition and are undergoing DNA sampling to identify the passengers and return the bodies to the grieving families.

Hamza Anjum Nadeem, Assistant Commissioner, Blames Disobedience of Traffic Rules

The assistant commissioner, a government official, Hamza Nadeem, told the media reporters that the accident occurred due to overspeeding. Many traffic accidents in Pakistan occur due to many disobeying traffic rules in the country.

The gruesome images of the charred bus lying and the bodies lined up are enough to shock anybody.

Who Would Be Responsible If That Accident Happened in the United States?

In the “Pakistan bus crashes into a ravine killing 40” incident in Balochistan province, there are two possible causes of the accident, and these include:

  1. The driver did not have adequate rest and fell behind the wheel
  2. The driver was overspeeding before the passenger bus fell into a ravine.

In Pakistan, people cannot recover compensation for their injuries or wrongful death due lack of legislation that protects the citizens. However, in the United States, personal injury law provides accident victims with remedies for their injuries.

If a driver did not have sufficient rest and was working overtime due to their employer, the bus employer may be liable for damages in the event of an accident. If it were the driver speeding, under the legal theory known as respondeat superior, the employer would be responsible for the damages incurred if the employee acted within the employer’s scope.

In California, surviving family members can bring a wrongful death action against the responsible party for losing their loved ones. We can help you legally, as you deal with sorrow from your or your loved one being burned in bus crash road accidents.

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