California Bus Accident Facts

California Bus Accident Facts

bus-side-viewWhat is a Bus Accident?

Bus accidents, whether charter, public or school buses result in shocking consequences. Mainly this is due to the number of passengers carried on a bus. But most buses are not equipped or require riders to use seatbelts. So the passengers are able to move about to socialize. That means they get to use the restroom on buses equipped with this feature. Also, passengers are permitted to stand on many overcrowded commuter buses.

What is the State of the Law With Seatbelts and School Buses

Children on school buses are usually unrestrained and usually unsupervised. But the law is changing in some states.

What About Commercial Buses and Seatbelts?

Commercial vehicle accidents have increased in numbers, in recent years. Also, the number of people injured over the past several decades has also increased. In the United States annually, there are approximately 9,000 bus crashes. These crashes kill approximately 330 people and injure about 12,000 individuals, every year.

What are The Most Common Mishaps Involve Cars and Pedestrians?

The most common fatal bus accidents, the National Truck and Bus Safety Statistics show both the bus and car collision or the commercial vehicle and pedestrian have the largest number of fatalities.  The statistical data shows fatal bus crashes break down into about 25% when the bus gets in a mishap with a pedestrian. Also, approximately 60% of the time fatalities occur during a bus and car collision.

Nationwide during 2009, there were 311 people killed in these accidents and 39 of the deaths were in California. During 2009, there were 1,140 individuals injured in the commercial vehicle crashes in the state of California. Out of 2,816 fatal motor vehicle accidents, 23 involved buses.

Contributing factors that can cause or partially be responsible for bus accidents, include:

  • Inexperienced bus drivers or improper training.
  • Driver negligence.
  • Outdated equipment or aged buses.
  • Improper maintenance.
  • Defective products.
  • Dangerous roadways.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Inadequate security.

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