FedEx Big Rig Hits Charter Bus Carrying Students Head-on

FedEx Big Rig Hits Charter Bus Carrying Students Head-on

It looks like a case of clear liability. But at least one personal injury attorney at Ehline Law Firm thinks there is more to this case than meets the eyes. Attorney Michael Ehline says that a FedEx big rig truck struck a charter bus carrying Los Angeles, County school students head-on on I-5 in North California.

He says there is not enough info to pin the blame 100% on FedEx or its trucker. According to the California Highway Patrol the tour bus collided with a FedEx tractor trailer truck and a Nissan Altima on the I-5 Freeway at approximately 5:40 p.m. in the vicinity of Orland, California when the big rig jumped a center median and struck the bus.

See the Glenn Tour Bus Crash Video:

The bus was carrying approximately 46 passengers at the time of the crash. Then it erupted into flames. At least nine people were killed in the collision and dozens more injured CHP said.
Seven students, the bus driver, and FedEx driver were the nine people killed in the crash. Also, dozens of others became injured. Also, CHP officials said the bus belonged to Silverado Stages tour Bus Company based in San Luis Obispo. The research we have done indicated that there are mixed reviews about this company on Yelp (

The research we have done indicated that there are mixed reviews about this company on Yelp (Read More), and that the company has a reputation for transporting students. The passengers on the bus included students and chaperones traveling to Humboldt State University for a college tour.

According to CHP officials, the FedEx 18-wheeler was traveling southbound. Then it crossed the center line, hitting the bus head-on in the northbound lane. But the authorities did not have information as to how the Nissan Altima crashed. Nor do they know what caused the tractor trailer truck to go over the center divider. At this point, we do not have any history on the trucker. Also, we do not have info from FedEx as to who they blame.

What Do the Family Members of the Bus Accident Victims Have to Say?

According to some reports by family members, the students were from Los Angeles and Riverside area schools. So these schools include Banning High School and Robert F. Kennedy High School. One parent stated her children attend Norte Vista high School in Riverside and boarded separate buses, with one child boarding the bus involved in the collision.

Governor Jerry Brown issued a statement, saying he and his wife extend their deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the passengers that died. So at this point, we cannot 100% blame the FedEx truck. Also, the Altima could have played a role in the wreck. We advise all of our viewers to thoroughly research any common carrier for hire when they ride, and that they also think about alternative forms of transport.

In California and under federal law, there is no requirement that buses even be equipped with seatbelts. So it is something to ponder. Our hearts also go out to the survivors.


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