Church Bus Crashes

Church Bus Crashes

bus-side-viewChurches often have events allowing the congregants to travel together for goodwill missions, activities.  Or it could be to transport children to and from Sunday School for example. Believe it or not, over the years, these buses have been in more than the average amount of bus accidents over past years.

What Causes Church Bus Wrecks?

Church bus crashes are caused in a number of ways.

Examples include:

  • bus driver negligence,
  • improper bus maintenance,
  • defective bus parts or,
  • bus company oversight.

Also, a church is working on tight margins in many cases. So many drivers may be elderly, retired, or inexperienced volunteers. Driver experience and not understanding the blind spots can be a recipe for disaster for any  congregant, or passenger in another vehicle.

Any of the above can result in major injuries or death. In any event, church bus accident attorneys specialize in these types of issues. And they use experience and skill to represent injured victims and family members of victims. Sometimes they provide help survivors of people killed in motor vehicle accidents just like this.

These attorneys know the difficulties. After all, this remains an emotional time for victims. So the better jurists will remain dedicated to protecting the victims’ rights and seeking justice. Are you seeking a legal representative like this? If you are, you’re not alone.

All it takes is one maintenance problem with a bus to lead to a mass casualty. When many become injured, they all fight for their fair share of the insurance policy. Sometimes there is not enough money. Great, tier one lawyers can help prevent a total loss to the survivors

What are Some Church Bus Risk Factors?

There are many risk factors with church buses. Some of the risks can put the passengers at grave peril, or killed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that many churches use 15 passenger vans. These 15 passenger vans were cited in a consumer advisory targeting church groups and other non-profit organizations. In fact, this was as recently as 2010, after two fatal church bus accidents. These two accidents that occurred in New York and Georgia caused 10 deaths.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warned users of these vans of specifics that could reduce bus accident risks:

  • Overloading of 15 passenger vans?

Drivers should be licensed, fully trained and experienced in 15 passenger van operation. Also, tires should be the proper size. Obviously, tires should show no wear. Furthermore, they must stay inflated properly prior to carrying passengers.

  • What is the Liability of Church Bus Operators?

There are exemptions from the law involving church buses. For example, drivers amust wear seatbelts. But the exemption does not apply to the passengers. There are many older church buses that do not have seat belts for the passengers. So this makes it impossible for passengers to use them.

Statistical data proves that passengers in any motor vehicle wearing a seat belt restraining them have a greater rate of survival. And this remains more true in vehicle rollovers. The large size and weight of buses creates a large cage with many fixed and even flying objects like loose luggage. Can you see how this would allow passengers to be thrown around inside of the bus in a crash? In fact, passengers could be ejected in a rollover crash right through the window.

  • What About Protecting Your Rights?

Skilled leaders in personal injury and wrongful death litigation remain the best. Also, a commitment must exist to protect the rights of victims. When a church or owner fails to maintain the bus, or employs an unqualified driver behind the wheel tragedy may strike. But if operators fail to ensure the safety of passengers, they remain liable. So legally, liability attaches for injuries sustained or deaths from neglect.

Find legal help online. Just look at customer reviews and driving directions. Find a convenient, honest lawyer who will fight. Some are better than others. Consider hiring a U.S. military veteran. Also, surf sites that list “personal injury” or “car accident” attorneys.

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