Utilizing Cameras to Find Illegal Passers

Utilizing Cameras to Find Illegal Passers

bus-side-viewSchool buses have long been one of the most secure ways to bring children back and forth to school. Trained bus drivers and proper safety procedures have allowed children to find their way to an education at minimal risk. However, there have been cases when other drivers have made the trip more dangerous for the driver and passengers.

It is Already Against the Law in Every State of the Union to Pass a Stopped School Bus

In all fifty states, it is illegal to pass a school bus stopped and loading or unloading passengers. This law makes roads significantly safer. But it still gets broken by poor drivers. Many of these drivers have been able to get away with such an action because there haven’t been proper cameras or police to catch them in the act. Now school districts are taking action to make sure that this does not happen anymore.

New Technology Will Be Able to Capture Lawless Drivers on Tape

New technology allows cameras to become fitted to buses. So the idea is that they activate when the bus is stopped and the stop sign becomes extended. Now drivers that pass the bus in this position, will be recorded and sent a ticket through the mail. This allows for localities and states to keep track of reckless manner drivers. And this remains especially so in the case of an accident. Also, these actions significantly increase student safety. Because of this, the number of drivers that engage in such actions decrease.

The NHTSA Accidents Prove the Importance of

Stopping Behind Stationary School Buses

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that between 2004 to 2013,327 school-age children died in school buses and similar vehicles. There are countless cases of drivers passing school buses or driving recklessly near or by them.

The New Technology Will Hold Bad Drivers Accountable

It is vital to keep track of how drivers handle their vehicles, especially when children’s safety is concerned. Holding drivers responsible makes the roads safer. Also, it reduces the chance of killed or injured children from reckless driving. This ticket system will play an important role. But it should remain another tool to make school routes safer.

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